Photoshoots from the Designer’s point of view

BTS photo shoot with Aliona Kuznetsova

After years of self-doubts (I am not a writer, and I in general prefer professionals to do their job), self-conscience (English is my second language, so any linguist will have a field day while reading my text), and inclination for procrastination, I decided to start my own blog.

Today I would like to talk about fashion photo shoots from the designer’s point of view.

Photo shoots, much like the runway shows, are the icing on the cake. Months after the  collection is completed, and when the long way from the initial concept and through the labors of creating are behind you, you let it out for the world to judge. The concentrate of feelings, emotions, ideas and reflections get crystallized into defined piece with it’s own DNA. 

So, should the designer seek the imprint of their own perception as an outcome of the photo shoot, or be interested in somebody else’s vision? ( I am not talking about commercial work, but artistic collaborations).

It’s the fall of trust, when you work with a new photographer, no matter how notable he is.

I would say the answer is to find the balance between artistic ambitions of each side, which are pretty severe in some cases. Mutual respect should be the base of the communications that precede the shoot, and clear concept should be approved by both sides. As a designer, I am usually torn between my tendency to be a control freak, and insatiable curiosity to see my creation through a stranger’s mind. Sometimes it’s different in a great way, and opens depths I never knew existed. Sometimes… you’re learning instead of winning.

Next thing that helps tremendously is a strong art directing. Whoever takes that responsibility: stylist, photographer  or designer – clear structure and planning go a long way. Strong plan does not exclude improvising – it stimulates it. But the single mind that manages all the strings and all the facets, keeps the vision streamlined, preventing the harmony from degenerating into cacophony.

Another important factor: the team. Fashion photo shoot is a seamless work of many professionals. The most essential are hair stylists and makeup artists. If the shoot includes a stylist, it might be the most important  participant, because usually it is the mind that ensures the flow of the information that coordinates the process, keeping tabs on all the details. 

And finally, the model. Professional and experienced, or fresh first-timer, model is a center of the universe of any shoot. It’s all about Love. The flow of love between the model and camera – and, essentially, photographer’s mind, love of the designer who is watching their creation in the wild, love of MUA and hair stylist admiring their work, and all that positive energy’s converting into real Magic…

Which I am certainly expecting from today’s photo shoot with the photographer Aliona Kuznetsova, model Brittany Brown, MUA Kiara Shannelle, Hair stylist Shameka LeCounte, Stylist Argie Mitra and the best go to place to buy a jewelry in Jacksonville Anazao Galleries and it’s charming curator Jacob Danner.  

Can’t wait to see the images, to be continued…