The art of dressing the avant-garde personality. 

ZulaStudio offers unique, well-made wearable avant-garde or custom design of your choice clothes for the fashionably educated woman who can handle the attention that ZulaStudio piece inevitably brings. One of a kind pieces bear the trade mark of ZulaStudio: unusual fabrics combinations, intricate detail and striking silhouette. Impeccably tailored clothes that grace the runways and fashion editorials, celebrate the femininity honed with acute style. The designer of the line Zula Khramov has received notable awards that include Fresh Faces in Fashion for GenArt and Miami International and Nolcha Fashion Week. Professionally schooled and trained, with over two decades experience, she approaches the clothes making as an art of sculpturing of the shapes and colors into unique pieces, using the advance techniques of pattern cutting and the old-school handwork trade tricks and secrets.
ZulaStudio is more than just making high quality garments; they are creating the greatest moments of your life.
High Fashion is no more or less than a materialized daydream, the concept trapped inside of a physical shell, the message written in the language known by few.
Welcome to the clandestine world that we can create for you.