Custom Design

Custom made garments… the utmost luxury in the world of fast-clothes.

Anybody who experienced the pleasures of professional dress-making, is hooked forever. That is, if able to afford.
The closest a regular person can get to this, is customizing clothes with tailoring and alterations, when it gets adjusted to your body without ruining the quality of the garment.
That could only be done by skilled person, with deep knowledge of construction and technology. And sharp eye for better proportions that would suit your body, and at the same time considering your own opinion of how you should look, and how you want to feel wearing that piece….
The desirable bonus is if that skilled pro is kind and patient soul, who you can trust with your insecurities about… um, the body parts you’re, well, insecure about. Sense of humor helps: how else can a girl stuff her chest with push-up inserts?)… or ask to taper pants legs to make her butt look rounder?
 Sculpting and shaping clothes, not unlike plastic surgery, only for a few digits less.

Now, custom design, is a higher path, literally. Since we, even the skinniest of us, are not a paper people, custom made clothes involves not only measurements, but angles and shapes. It takes fittings. But besides a strictly technical side, it requires artistic mind set, or you could end up with well fit fashion disaster. Like mind and matter, both idea and the execution, are crucial, especially for the price. But when it comes together, the result is the unique piece impeccably made just for your (not necessarily model type) body, the fulfilled fantasy. 
Not the worst thing that can happen to a girl.