Welcome ELLE (L) – new devision of ZulaStudio

“Everything changes and nothing stands still” thought Heraclitus watching hetaira dance. Well, Heraclitus didn’t know back then about Mr. Trump’s hairstyle or the body standards for the models in high fashion, or he might’ve inserted the loophole “almost”.
Some things shifted toward the change lately.
Christian Siriano sent a few of his girlfriends down his latest runway show, and the only thing about them similar to his usual flock of tall and slim supermodels was that they looked just as fabulous and modern.
I’ve realized that the key word was “girlfriends” when I asked mine to walk for me at the show, where I will be introducing the new devision of ZulaStudio – “ELLE”, (“she” in French), or, with a tongue in cheek, phonetically suggestive “L”.
I must confess, as a designer, I’ve always wanted the models with highly desirable genetic combination of tall and skinny to show my creations on the runway… just like everybody else.
“When are you gonna make clothes for normal women??” – cried my redhead girlfriend indignantly, holding a tiny runway sample against her glorious, sinuous body.
And so many joking excuses later, I’ll answer: The time is Now.
I don’t want to limit my creativity and skill to only dress a collective idea of perfection anymore. I’ll still enjoy doing it, yes.
But I would love to expand into Terra Incognita of generous curves and shapes beyond size 2 in the most personalized way.
It’s about my Girlfriends. Our Friendship. Mutual support. Exchange of the most primal, female energy.
My skill and talent can empower my girlfriends in the visual game of fashion, and my love for them will be one indispensable component of the formula for creating The Dress.
It’s a very challenging and personal experience for me, and I am open for opinions.
What Elle wants? Hates? Secretly desires? Likes to hide? Loves to show?
Share with me, and you might see the reflection of your voice in the next collection.
And for now, please welcome Elle taking a part in ZulaStudio catwalk show at Art Walk Jacksonville that will take place on June 6th at Regions Bank #0283
51 W Bay St, Jacksonville, Florida 32202.
I will have all sizes and shapes walking that runway, just like we, women do in real life.

Renoir’s portrait of Jeanne Samary, 1878 and today’s artist Natasha Kertes, 2013

2 thoughts on “Welcome ELLE (L) – new devision of ZulaStudio

  1. What an honor to be dressed by ZULA STUDIO genius mind and talented hands. True visionary with impeccable attention to detail, shape, creative touches and design. You are one of my favorites!!!!! My curvy body loves you.

    1. Your body is a dream! Love new path, and you’re the one that inspired me take it!

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