New “Curve” of ZulaStudio

“If you want to dress a curvy girl, you must think like a curvy girl” – they say. “Just invite them to share their secret desires” – they say.
Well, there was not a whole lot of commotion in the comments under my invitation. Shocker.
Silence is golden, said no solicitor ever, and I took advantage of the friendship with the closest-to-me subjects – my girlfriends.
Have I ever needed a pen and a scroll of paper that long, to list the all the entries – expressed privately but sincerely.
But first, let’s add some structure into our topic and define “curves” – fun activity, aka taking a stroll on a mine field.
The one that barely qualifies for plus size is a tall girl with the same ratio of bust-waist-hips measurements as a runway model, just a few sizes up.
No, Kate Upton, we love you, but you can’t join our conversation, because the list of your insecurities will sound more like a wishlist for the most of us.
An hourglass figure was a sure thing in any size from the dawn of time.
But what if all of that “sand” of the hourglass had stuck at the top half? Or what if it’s all ended up at the bottom half? Or, most regretfully, gets distributed in midriff, back of the upper arm and thighs?
I listened. And I listened…
And there, in the middle of shining obviousness, it came to me:
There is no difference between us women in what we want from our clothes. Not really.
We may be different sizes and shapes, but we have the same major and minor concerns about how clothes fit our certain body parts.
Belly? We all are worried about it, if we are size 2 or 22.
Gravity effect on bust? Bras size 32DD and 38B are sold from the same rack – so, none of us is guaranteed the perkiness.
Love handles? Please.
And don’t even get me started on those upper arms that wave goodby along with me.
But… don’t you think that even though our problem check lists are the same, the styles for the next size up don’t get as much attention from us designers?
That they are less provocative or adventurous? Not as fashion forward?
The words to describe them are evasive. Like, “forgiving”. Or, “slimming “. Which, while not a bad idea for any size, sometimes ends up as a boring option with zero personality.
And so, I decided to start an ELLE with a bang and offer Backless ELLE subdivision for your consideration at Art Walk Jax Fashion Show.
Backless gowns are traditionally for brave fashionistas, who can handle the attention they bring.
The reason is that they exclude some undergarments – look above for mentioned gravity after-effects issues.
But in our era of technology solving, that problem is one Google click search away.
Bonus: a woman’s back is the last part out of her body to age.
It’s also gets the longest time for the observation when a gentleman does a double take to see a lady off.
Especially if that lady wears a ZulaStudio Backless ELLE gown.

10 thoughts on “New “Curve” of ZulaStudio

    1. Thank you Sue! It’s the very first time that I made a runway mini collection for size greater than 2;)
      I must say it’s a challenge and fun at the same time. I want to make curvy girls wear my fashion point of view clothes! Yayyy!!

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