Who would wear it?

ZulaStudio fashionista’s choice.
Photography Richie Varela

“Who would ever wear this?” – is the most popular comment under every Galliano or Thom Browne runway show.
“OMG, who would even buy it?” – a girl stuffed into denim shorts and flip flops asked me in heavily saturated with indignation voice, flipping through the pages of Vogue.
Women in doctor’s offices and hair salons and at the coffee tables collectively condemn high fashion in disapproving tones while cultivating sophisticated poses and perturbed faces.
The reason for all that outrage is usually the same: because they can’t wear high fashion even if they would be able to afford it or had the places where to go dressed like such.
One would think that this fact should leave them indifferent and unaware of the very existence of high fashion, but nope.
Funny enough, their resentment lingers on clothes only, letting Art freely influence architecture, furniture and luxury cars.
People rarely have an opinion on algebra or organic chemistry, but when it comes to fashion, oh my, those five cent coins are Red Alert ready to get inserted.
As a designer, I can summarize the reaction from the people outside my creative tribe as varying from polite bewilderment to incomprehension of why one would spend so much time and effort on useless weirdness. I guess I have a long way ahead of me to build up a real indignation from public like Thom’s designs.
High fashion exists in the same realm as an abstract art or a classical music: majority of the world’s population won’t find any use for it.
It’s no more or less than a materialized daydream, the concept trapped inside of a physical shell, the message written in the language known by few.
It exists as a hymn to irrational deed: to create something that influences your soul and is useless otherwise.
The only thing next down that list is an ice sculpture – it only leaves the imprint of departed beauty in your memory and in your inner eye.
Of course clothes serve as a messenger and might express the multi-facet dossier of the wearer, whoever she is.
The high fashion club is exclusive and ordinary people might only glimpse at them through the paparazzi lenses.
But it doesn’t mean the spirit of glamorous dressing is out of reach.
As a matter of fact, the most popular items in my Etsy shop are the ones I would never think would get sold.
The very same fashionista bought two of the most art-house looks posted here, and I am thrilled and in complete awe to welcome another member of my tribe, my brand, my fashion house ZulaStudio.
So, I would ask you, People: dream and let dream. Even if my dream looks like a nightmare to you.
And I promise I won’t criticize your T-shirt.

4 thoughts on “Who would wear it?

  1. Not fair that you also write well. I laughed and felt myself wanting to say yeah , yeah like I neeeded to support your thoughts.
    All around the world we are with so many different perspectives and then we meet someone who thinks like we do and the angels sing – KZ

    1. So happy when I meet the people who think alike, makes me think of the connection in our previous lives.
      I belong to some tribe, and we are scattered throughout the world – that’s how it feels. Very glad it made you smile.
      And thank you for amazing compliment on my writing, it’s very encouraging!

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