Millennials 💙 ZulaStudio

All that data analysis, customer base targeting and direct marketing is really not my thing.
Designing comes easy to me like breathing, like singing, like falling in love.
It’s my happiest of all beings, and that euphoric vibe leaves a mark in the very fabric of my creation. Makes people with a similar energy origin gravitate to it.
I call them, women who likes my designs, “my tribe”. We are united by the essence of style and the energy that defines my clothes, we are – alike.
So, that’s why I was shocked and pleasantly surprised by a new, mint-fresh customer who fell in love with that navy number from ZulaStudio archives – because she is only 15 years old.
She spotted it on the rack from afar and it spoke to her. Fun, young and daring, this two-piece outfit is a cross between French debutant chic and medieval vampire attire.
I feel proud that my designs are young in heart and appeal to the millennial fashionistas.
Eternal youth is the utmost coveted dream of fashion, but I won’t be greedy.
I will be content with just timeless. 💙