Welcome ELLE (L) – new devision of ZulaStudio

“Everything changes and nothing stands still” thought Heraclitus watching hetaira dance. Well, Heraclitus didn’t know back then about Mr. Trump’s hairstyle or the body standards for the models in high fashion, or he might’ve inserted the loophole “almost”. Some things shifted toward the change lately. Christian Siriano sent a few of his girlfriends down his […]

Photoshoots from the Designer’s point of view

After years of self-doubts (I am not a writer, and I in general prefer professionals to do their job), self-conscience (English is my second language, so any linguist will have a field day while reading my text), and inclination for procrastination, I decided to start my own blog.

Appleton Museum of Art Inspired show and exhibit

ZulaStudio is honored to be a part of FashionArt event on Saturday April 21st.  Appleton Museum of Art is hosting a fashion exhibition “Folk Couture “ originally initiated by American Folk Art Museum NY, with Project Runway All Stars designer Fabio Costa as the VIP guest.  ZulaStudio will present some pieces from the latest collection, […]